Climax Wrestling UK

This is the home of Climax Wrestling UK, Bringing you the most exciting action from the world of British Wrestling. We aim to bring you a mix of current British star’s with fresh young up and coming stars looking to make an impact.

Starting in late 2014 Climax Wrestling management were quick to pick up the services of top wrestlers such as Marty Scurll, Grado, Dave Mastiff, Mark Andrews and Noam Dar. With names like this floating around its not long before young rising stars with something to prove come in to have a wild swing at the established stars. In come Lewis Howley, ‘Honest’ Ernest Sterling, D & D, Lost Cause and a few other names you will hear and all of a sudden there is a new fight to get to the top.


‘Its All Bants’ kicks of Climax with a belter.

Triple Threat Match: Pete Dunne vs Tiger Ali vs Sebastian

We Kicked off the night with a triple threat match, these matches usually mean alliances come about and no surprise Sebastian and Tiger Ali. however this rarely lasts as Allies become enemies and the bout enthrals in to the brawl intended.

‘Dynamite’ Pete Dunne Looked as though he had picked up the victory until Sebastian some would say cowardly cheap shot Dunne from behind and nicked the pin off Tiger Ali

Result: Sebastian Pins Tiger Ali and advances to the Semi-Final of the Climax Championship Tournament

Honest Ernest Sterling vs Dave Mastiff

Please make no mistake Mastiff is a big big man however Sterling is no shrimp himself. This match was as hard hitting as it was agile at time. The athleticism for two guys this size is phenomenal. At one point it looked like Sterling was going to pick up the victory but after Mastiffs cannonball into the corner (that might we add on was disgusting) it was GAME OVER…….

After the Match Sebastian came out to try and Psych his future opponent however when he realised the mountain he faces soon backed away to the back.

Result: Mastiff wins via Pinfall and advances to face Sebastian in the Semi-Finals


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